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Our workshops offer the unique opportunity to develop your home improvement and creative skills from the very best industry experts themselves. 

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2020 Workshops

Lee Talbot of MavenHOME

Mood board Masterclass

Where:  Workshop Zone

Interior Architect & Designer Lee Talbot will be at the Reno + Design Show to share her secrets on establishing a strong design direction by developing your concept and managing it through to completion. Lee will be hosting a hands-on workshop focusing on textural details and materiality, creating your own interiors mood board & palette. The workshop will also provide you the opportunity to meet with Lee to discuss your own project & new home/design concepts. This workshop has been gathered using all the techniques Lee has learnt and applied throughout her 17 years of practising Interior Design.

You’ll walk away with your mood-board, tray, materials used, endless inspiration and specialist advice from one of the best in the industry. The workshop will also provide you the opportunity to meet with Lee to discuss your own project & new home/design concepts. We’ll provide everything you’ll need to create your mood board, lots of design tips and strategies, coffee and tea, snacks and loads of fun with like-minded people!

If you’re planning to renovate, decorate or simply want to refresh the look of your home, then this masterclass is for you!

Price: $154 – $170

Amelia Lee of Undercover Architect

How To Design Your Renovation, and Think About Your Home Like an Architect

Where:  Workshop Zone

Amelia Lee from Undercover Architect will be sharing her secrets on how to design your renovation and think about it how an architect would. In this workshop, Amelia Lee will take you through the most important early decisions in the home design phase. She will show you how she, an architect, approaches the design of any renovation to make the most of the home’s potential and create a functional and fantastic family home. Plus, you’ll learn Amelia’s own design strategies for stretching your renovation budget, getting bang for your buck, and managing overall risk during your project. You’ll also look at specific case studies to illustrate how this can work in any project.

If you’re about to start designing your renovation, or you’ve already started and want to be sure you haven’t missed anything, this workshop will be fantastic for you!

Price: $110 to $130

Anastasia Dinos of Mood Design 

Mindful Interiors

Where:  Workshop Zone

Your home should allow to be your best self, so if you don’t feel your best at home, something needs to change and I’ll show you what.

Before designing any home, it’s important to understand yourself, your vision and how you want your home to make you feel.  In this foundation workshop, HIA Award Winning Interior Designer Anastasia Dinos will guide you through a process of digging a little deeper to define your personal ideal style that aligns with your goals and who you are.  Anastasia touches on evidence based research that shows how our surroundings influence our thoughts, moods and behaviours.  Finally she will share her strategies for creating a home that makes you feel good.

A blend of theory, facts and practical tips, this workshop is designed to inspire you to start small but start somewhere.

Walk away with focus, intention and inspiration to start creating a home you love.


  • Understand the link between your home and your health
  • Choose colours based on Colour Psychology
  • Realise why clutter is bad for your health
  • Define your personal style for your home
  • Take away practical tips to turn your home into a haven


Your home doesn’t feel quite right and you’re not sure where to start or what to do.  

Price: $107

Amelia Lee of Undercover Architect

How To Get Started On Your Renovation Project (And Get It Right)

Where:  Workshop Zone

Whatever your project, whatever your budget, and wherever you live; these steps are the secret weapon behind getting your project started correctly.

In this workshop, Amelia Lee will be sharing exclusive, behind-the-scenes knowledge to ensure you can get started on your reno the right way, saving time and money. This knowledge can fundamentally change how your project journey will feel, the amount of money you’ll spend, the time and energy it will take, and the overall success of your reno.

Price: $110 to $130

Katherine Persoglia of Property Before Prada

Property First, Prada Later! First Home Buyers’ Workshop

Where:  Workshop Zone

Learn exactly how to finance your first home with Mortgage Expert, Katherine Persoglia, from Property Before Prada.

Looking to buy your first home and don’t know where to start? Curious about mortgages, deposits, build VS buy and everything else that comes along with it? Property finance expert and mastermind behind the ingenious mortgage broking solution, Property Before Prada, Katherine Persoglia will be at the Reno + Design Show this April hosting a first home buyers’ finance masterclass!

Price: FREE