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Access exclusive renovation and headliner video content on your very own members-only online portal. Featuring Julia Green of Greenhouse Interiors, Crystal Bailey of Boholuxe Home, Georgia Ezra of Tiles of Ezra, Belinda Smith of Renovate and Real Estate, and more!
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As a Reno Circle member, you’ll get your renovation inspiration delivered straight to your door, with a home-delivered parcel filled with heaps of quality samples — including textile, stone and heaps more — and other reno goodies to inspire your next home project. 
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With a Reno Circle purchase, you’ll receive a ticket to attend the March ’21 Reno + Design Show either in-person or online with your all-inclusive event ticket. 
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Reno Circle members can access exclusive special offers on exhibitor products and services and enter to win major event prizes.
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What You’ll Receive

Join the newest reno insider community and enjoy exclusive video content, product discounts and promotions, an online or in-person event ticket for March 2021, and receive your very own, home-delivered Inspire Box, filled to the brim with samples and other fun goodies.



Virtual Edition Schedule

Live virtual events hosted by Milly Bannister of GRLKND

All times in AEST


7:00pm, Monday 1st March, 2021
Renovation to Recording – The Journey of Renovating Australia’s Podcasters

with Alycia Chapman and Catie Cordery of Renovating Australia hosted live by Milly Bannister, GRLKND


7:00pm, Tuesday 2nd March, 2021
How to Interpret What You See Online and How to Translate That Into Your Home

with Heidi Albertiri of The Life Style Edit

5:30pm, Wednesday 3rd March, 2021
Jules Baxter presents the Newstead Showroom Collection

with Kellie Grose of Jules Baxter

7:00pm, Thursday 4th March, 2021
Guide to Planning Your Renovation – Top Tips From an Interior Designer 

with Elisha Manning of Our Little Abode hosted live by Milly Bannister, GRLKND


4:30pm, Friday 5th March, 2021
Introducing the Estilo Studio Casa Collection

with Derya Rahme and Dom Gessner of Estilo Studio


10:00am, Saturday 6th March, 2021 
Making Your Home a Sanctuary to Improve Your Mental Wellbeing

with Crystal Bailey of Boholuxe Home hosted live by Milly Bannister, GRLKND

10:00am, Sunday 7th March, 2021
The Journey Toward Selecting Authentic, Timeless Pieces for Your Home

with Georgia Ezra of Tiles of Ezra hosted live by Milly Bannister, GRLKND


7:00pm, Monday 8th March, 2021 
Insights into Project Management, Design and Build

with Chris Clarke of Herra hosted by Milly Bannister, GRLKND

7:00pm, Tuesday 9th March, 2021 
Maximising Functionality with a Minimalist Look

with Claire Perham, Axiom Constructions and Open Plan & Co hosted by Milly Bannister, GRLKND


7:00pm, Wednesday 10th March, 2021 
Renovating for Lifestyle and Income

with Belinda Smith, Renovate and Real Estate hosted live by Milly Bannister, GRLKND


7:00pm, Thursday 11th March, 2021 
How to Design an Eco Friendly Home with Your Architect

with Dion Seminara, dion seminara architecture hosted by Milly Bannister, GRLKND


7:00pm, Friday 12th March, 2021 
In Conversation with a Successful Interior Design Business Owner

with Julia Green, Greenhouse Interiors hosted live by Milly Bannister, GRLKND


Saturday 13th March, 2021 
Conversation Zone Live Stream – ALL DAY

Featuring Zephyr + Stone, Charlie Albone, Jen Bishop and more, interviewed by Victoria Carthew.

Sunday 14th March, 2021 
Conversation Zone Live Stream – ALL DAY

Featuring Lucy Glade-Wright, Katherine Persoglia, Kerrie-Ann Jones and more, interviewed by Victoria Carthew.

1. Unlock Exclusive Special Offers

As a Reno Circle member, you can unlock exclusive special offers to help your renovation run smoothly, all while supporting the amazing partnering businesses. With the savings you’ll unlock, it will practically pay for itself!

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2. Home Delivered Inspire Box


Grab your Reno Circle membership and you’ll receive a home-delivered sample box, filled with goodies like design palettes, stone squares, paint pots, fabrics, and so much more! Get inspired by the materials, get hands-on and get renovating.

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3. Watch Exclusive Virtual Edition Content


Watch along from home to see exclusive video content from the online-only headliners and exhibiting businesses! You’ll see previously unseen videos, interviews, styling sessions and more, exclusively for Reno Circle members.

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4. Attend Event In-Person or Online


As part of the membership, you’ll receive your entry ticket for the 13th – 14th March, 2021 event and, for those attending virtually, you can follow along the show from home, which will be live streamed via your member-only online portal. 

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Check out some of our highlights from the 2020 Virtual Edition!


Are you a business looking to contribute samples to the Inspire Box? Let us know!