Property Before Prada



Hi, I’m Katherine and I’m a mortgage-broking-numbers-nerd, expert in lending and hooked on teaching others — in particular, women — how to buy property and build wealth. I grew up in the beautiful coastal town of Noosa Heads, Australia, where I worked from the first possible moment I could – 14 and nine months! Even in babysitting jobs, I LOVED the feeling of being in control of my earnings; I was my own boss and my destiny was up to ME. Having grown up in a family business, my parents instilled two important business principals, which I still live by to this day – exceptional customer service, and a strong work ethic. I began my own property portfolio at the tender age of 19 and throughout my life, I’ve always been inspired to seek diverse opportunities by buying, building and selling a number of businesses and properties. You know that phrase ‘and the rest is history’? When I found Mortgage Broking – it was very much a ‘and the rest is history’ moment. I’d found my ‘thing’ where profitability and passion intersected. I could challenge myself and give back, at the same time.