Paxxy and Flora


Paxxy & Flora is a Brisbane based ceramics label that believes in treasuring life’s simple beauties and surrounding oneself with special pieces that make your heart happy. All of the pieces are made with the intention of lasting a lifetime. I truly believe in purchasing with intention and encourage my customers to only buy what truly connects with them to ensure pieces will be treasured for years to come.
How much time does each piece take?
Ceramics is certainly not a quick process. Each piece could take anywhere from 30mins to hours to create from start to finish. The whole process of designing, handbuilding, drying, firing in the kiln, sanding, glazing, firing again, and adding finishing touches spans over weeks, or often for me, a couple of months. 
Each one of Paxxy & Flora’s pieces is 100% handmade by me, from rolling or moulding the clay into shape, trimming and sanding, through to adding each individual line or pattern. This is one of the things that makes handmade items so special – every single piece is a little bit different from the next, and when you use it or look at it you really can feel the love that has gone into each step.
When did you start and what drew you to pottery?
Pottery was one of those things that I had always thought could be fun, so around 2.5 years ago I started going to classes after work. I really fell in love with the process and knew immediately I wanted to explore it more – there’s something so relaxing about getting your hands dirty and connecting with the clay. 
Where do you get you inspiration from?
A lot of my work begins as something I’ve made for my own home and goes from there. I am really inspired by minimalistic styling, beautiful textures and anything and everything to do with flowers.  
Your custom order process
I am always open to creating custom pieces and I love working with customers and clients to design a piece or range that is perfect for them. I really enjoy the challenge of finding out their style, the functional purpose of the piece and pushing my creativity to come up with something new. The best way to get in touch about custom pieces is to send through an email with your idea along with any inspiration images and we can go from there.
I have recently moved my little making studio from home into a warehouse space which is super exciting! With a new space comes a whole wave of creativity and fresh ideas so I am really looking forward to getting in and experimenting with some new designs, textures and colours.