Mirage Haven


About Us:
The joy of living in beautiful homes suffused with its own individualistic style is a need Junie Lin wishes to share.  Out of that creative need, Mirage Haven was born. The opportunities to create alluring ambiences motivate the company to offer premium home accessories that blend harmoniously with most spatial arrangements and home environments.
Expect opulent fabrics, gorgeous patterns, and sumptuous textures to be emblematic of all their impeccably designed cushions. The first range of collections feature easy-to-mix and layer-on colours and patterns. A sensible balance of style, quality, and price also imbue Mirage Have’s line with pragmatic luxury. 
“Cushion styling should be effortless and mood-invoking. We created this collection in quintessential classic style, along with Australia’s iconic, casual approach to home décor,” said Junie Lin, Founder and Creative Director. “Designing this line is a fresh representation of my personal style. I want my creations not only to be accessible but to also present beautifully in any home.”
About Junie:
Junie is also the owner of a popular online shopping destination, @HamptonsHomeAU on the Gold Coast, Australia. Her long experience of owning one of Australia’s premiere online retail stores has given her a unique perspective on the type of home furnishings people actually want in their homes.
Bringing the same aesthetic to her product designs for Mirage Haven, Junie’s line of cushions epitomizes crisp, pared down, and sophisticated edges integrated with timeless design elements such as quatrefoils, clean lines, and circular motifs.
Junie was nominated as one of the finalists for the 2019 Ausmumprenuer Awards in the retail category.
The Mirage Haven brand marks the second introduction to Junie’s home furnishings brand and the first in the wholesale retail category.
To learn more about the collection, visit Mirage Haven’s website at www.miragehaven.com.au  
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