Virtual Edition - In Conversation with Georgia Ezra

Virtual Edition - In Conversation with Georgia Ezra

There is something to be said about the ways of a true doer, one who takes matters into their own hands without letting the industry define their style, or allow any kind of supply restraint fall in their way. Georgia Ezra, entrepreneur, designer, interior architect, mother, traveler, author and artist certainly falls into this rare category and we are so thrilled to have her as part of the upcoming Reno + Design Show as a Virtual Headliner. 

Mother, not only to two children, but to businesses Studio Ezra, Tiles of Ezra and her newest labour of love AHW (an abbreviation for ‘At Home With’), Georgia is determined to influence and allow the industry and her followers the opportunity to indulge and invest in timeless, authentic and happy homes. Her passion to inspire others to create meaningful statements shines through in all she does, evident in her sustainable, ethical and wholesome approach . 

In her own words, Sustainability for me is the longevity and lifetime of the product. Are you buying something because you are trying to emulate a specific look, or because it spoke to your soul? Buying with the latter at the forefront, means buying products that are timeless for your individual aesthetic needs and requirements, that spark joy and memory. Which ultimately means you hold onto them for many many more years.’

Georgia graduated with a Bachelor of Interior Architecture from UNSW with a first degree honours and went on to start Studio Ezra. It didn’t take long for her to realise the industry didn’t offer the quality, ethical pieces she envisioned for her client’s spaces and so Tiles of Ezra was born. She went on to travel the globe to source her very own makers, and design her very own artisan tiles, telling of their Moroccan, Mexican, and Mediterranean roots. 

AHW only recently launched at the end of 2020, born from a love of ancient and fading art forms, where a delicately curated abundance of classic, exotic clothing, homewares and inspiring blogs, ebooks and podcasts can be found. 

This year, we will be chatting with Georgia live on our virtual Reno Circle platform about her journey, how to create a meaningful home and her advice on becoming a successful, creative business owner and mother. 

Be sure to sign up to become a Reno Circle member as this is not to be missed! Our Virtual Edition will take place from 1 – 14 March, 2021 and you’ll catch Georgia at 7pm AEST on Friday 5th March.

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