Selecting Designer Outdoor Furniture with DOMO

Selecting Designer Outdoor Furniture with DOMO

Bringing the indoors out is an essential focus for many Australians designing and decorating a new space. Our climate allows us to live outdoors all year round, but acquiring pieces that look beautiful and withstand the elements can be tricky. That’s why taking the time to select appropriate outdoor furniture is key.

A lot of the time, aesthetic can be compromised for sturdiness or style trumped by practicality, which leaves us either spending too much for something we don’t love, or watching something we do love wither too soon.

DOMO Furniture completely bridges this disconnect, and two of their most stunning indoor/outdoor brands stand out as some of their most impressive pieces.

The Kun Design brand flaunts striking curves and textures with a classy, architectural feel to truly impress your guests while entertaining in the indoor/outdoor living areas, while the smaller suite provides all you need for a solo Sunday cocktail. The rounded edges present an organic, natural look, while the thoughtfully designed pieces offer the comfort of an indoor lounge.

Perhaps better suited to the coastal dweller, look no further than the Sika Design collection. In recent years, rattan has saturated the home design market, and, like all things with a meteoric rise to popularity, quality is often the sacrifice. Their Icons range, revitalised from classic danish designs has 70 years of Danish craftsmanship behind it, so it’s extremely refreshing to see these original, authentic pieces manufactured as rattan should be. The Sika Design collection is truly elegant, and worth your attention. Look out for the Sika Design new ‘natural exterior’ finish coming in 2021!

Not only that, all of the items created by these glorious brands are customisable in colour and finish, and are suitable for both retail and commercial projects – attention all restauranteurs!

Visit DOMO’s Latest News page for the best advice on styling these brands and discover what they offer with their inspiring, modern twist on the classic outdoor living space. For further inspiration, follow @domoaustralia on Instagram, Facebook @Domo.Live.Beautifully or Pinterest.

To truly experience these brands before you buy, head to the Reno + Design Show this March and find these collections along the lush greenway and on show at our Conversation Space stage, or visit the DOMO Showroom on Abbotsford Road in Bowen Hills.

DOMO Furniture will be featuring at the upcoming Reno + Design Show, held at the Brisbane Showgrounds on the 13th and 14th of March, celebrating all things home design and renovation. Grab your tickets here!


Words by Rachel Milligan

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