Meet MPAQ - the Master Plumbers' Association of Queensland

Meet MPAQ - the Master Plumbers' Association of Queensland

The Master Plumbers’ Association of Queensland are both inspired and motivated by their members’ passion. Come along and meet the team at the 2019 Reno Home Show, and let the incredible team at MPAQ inspire your next build.

Words by Lucy Loram.

MPAQ are the peak industry body representing plumbing contractors throughout Queensland. The Executive Director of MPAQ, Penny Cornah, strives to deliver a high calibre of professionalism to the plumbing and gas industry. This way, the services of her team and Master Plumbers will be of great advantage to their members.

Master Plumbers are at the forefront of their field; as the only plumbing industry representative in Queensland, they help to raise the industry standards and look out for those in the plumbing community. As a result, they represent the interests of those at both state and national levels in the plumbing profession. This of course, is not a responsibility they take lightly.

Penny understands how vital her role in the community is to business owners.

We always encourage consumers to utilise our members’ services when it comes to plumbing and gas fitting work, as they are guaranteed to be licensed and qualified in these fields.

They are unparalleled at educating their clients throughout each stage in their projects. Each of their members receives quality advice ensuring their knowledge is current and work is the most up to date.

MPAQ even go as far as to develop and advocate for policies that recognise the importance of Queensland’s plumbing industry.

We steadfastly communicate the views and policies of our members by actively contributing to inquiries and forums.

Master Plumbers encourage you to use a licenced plumber, as a sure fire way to guaranteeing you’ll always receive the same level of quality and concern. To ensure your plumbing and gas work is completed by people who care about your build as if it was their own, The Master Plumbers Association of Queensland should be your number one port of call.

The 20th and 21st of July is your chance to experience the top of the range service of the Master Plumbers team – it’ll only be a matter of time before you need them for your next build! Come along and visit MPAQ at stand A14 at the 2019 Reno Home Show.

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