Interview Series: Rachel Ron of Carmine & Teal

Interview Series: Rachel Ron of Carmine & Teal

Rachel Ron, founder of Carmine & Teal and lover of design, colour, texture and unique, beautiful things, is one of our exhibiting partners for the 2019 Brisbane Reno Home Show.

Words by Danielle Grover, Photos by Villa Styling


Carmine & Teal was born out of a desire for self-expression, a passion for bringing vibrancy and excitement to any room and an appreciation for good taste, craftsmanship and ethnicity. Her rugs are bespoke – one of a kind and a work of art. Designed in Israel, in collaboration with a group of Kashmiri artists and made using 100% ethically sourced, Australian wool, Carmine & Teal’s rugs are artisanal masterpieces.

Each design is created using a unique combination of colour and style, combining both traditional and modern designs; and each rug is hand embroidered, in a traditional chain stitch method, a process which takes more than 8 weeks. Each artist leaves their special, individual signature on each rug – it is those slight imperfections that make their rugs so unique.



What is your best renovation tip? Have a complete plan for your entire renovation. Surrounding yourself with a great team of tradesmen. Allow a portion of your budget for furnishings. Enjoy the process, think of it as a training session for your creative muscles – have fun with it!

What is your favourite interior design style? I love rooms that are layered and imperfect, a mixture of styles, textures and colour that truly reflects their owners.

Who is your favourite designer? It’s hard to choose just one, but if I had to choose Anna Spiro would be one from the top of my list.

Why you do what you do? I’m a lover of people, design, stories and handmade creations (to name a few), and Carmine & Teal is my way to combine all of those and provides me an avenue of self-expression.

Who inspires you? My mum, grandmother and aunties – all of whom are artists, creative, strong loving women.


Find Rachel and her beautiful rugs at stand A42.

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