Interview Series: Lena Gatti of Gatti Design

Interview Series: Lena Gatti of Gatti Design

We interviewed the lovely Lena from Gatti Design about her thoughts on budgeting, environmental responsibility and design.

Gatti Design is a bespoke, individual practice who think outside the box and deliver quality, tailored designs. Lena and her team of highly skilled designers provide a unique and practical interior design service for their clients; combining the use of innovative products with the latest technology, Lena’s work is always to the highest  of industry standards. With their sophistication in design and keen eye for detail, they attract many “out of the box” projects.

“When we design a space, interior or building from our hearts, it will always have a soul that will live on throughout its history.”

Words by Danielle Grover and Lena Gatti


What would you recommend to keep your budget in check while renovating?
In today’s climate it is very difficult to manage budgets. This can be due to the vast array of beautiful materials and products for selection and the endless possibilities with Architecture and Interior Design. We can be drawn to expensive products but with clever design you can make a space look a million dollars on a lessor budget or by spending a higher amount on top fittings while selecting a cheaper tile that looks the part. A little like wearing an expensive pair of jeans with a plain white nonbranded t-shirt. Your designer will be able to help you stick to your budget while creating something really special. Hiring a professional is a wise investment to avoid costly mistakes on re-work or re-sale.

How do you stay eco-friendly with your projects?
Products such as paint are a huge contender for toxic-off gassing and waste. Choose NO VOC paints to keep the air quality in your home healthy and free from long lasting toxic chemicals. When selecting hard finishes choose products that hold a GreenTag Certification and prioritise furniture and materials that are proven to last a long lifespan. Shop ethically and minimise your transport emissions by sourcing products locally.



What is more important to you? Function or aesthetic?
The look of a room or a product may be wonderful but remember you must live and function in that space every day. A qualified Interior Designer will always address the client’s functional brief first, i.e. the interior layout, spatial planning, building elements and cabinetry design. This will ensure the design and the purpose of the space works to its fullest potential. When construction drawings are finalised, materials, interior finishes and furnishings can be selected.

What to know when working with an interior designer?
Choose the right designer from the outset, but it works both ways. You must trust and enjoy working together as you are in each other’s lives for some time.

Top Tip: When hiring an Interior Designer, make sure they have the required qualifications to undertake the project. It is in the best interests of all involved that the design professional has the knowledge and skill to perform all works required of them and they are insured to do so. A qualified Interior Designers role is technical first and foremost, aesthetics come later. A qualified Interior Designer holds no less than a Government recognised Diploma, Advanced Diploma or Degree.


Find Lena Gatti of Gatti Designs at stand A38 at the Reno Home Show this July!

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