Come Find Select Water Tanks

Come Find Select Water Tanks

Environmentally conscious alternatives are a major theme at the 2019 Reno Home Show. That is why we’re so excited to be collaborating with Select Water Tanks this year, so they can bring to your attention to the benefits of using a water tank system in your next build or renovation.

Words by Lucy Loram

Select Water Tanks have taken their many years of experience in rain water harvesting and hand crafted a range of stainless steel water tanks, guaranteed to suit whatever the scale of your project. Their stainless steel tanks are 100% recyclable, cost effective, healthier and as well as that, they look great!

Not only do the team at Select Water Tanks manufacture the tanks, but they share their thorough understanding of how the rain water systems work and how best to maximise those processes for maximum yield. Best of all, they share this knowledge with you!

We can help you choose the right pump and filtration for your circumstances.

Offering both variable speed pumps and sophisticated filtration systems in the one Hybrid Housing Mk2 unit, you will struggle to find a more tailored unit for your home elsewhere. Not to mention, Select Water Tanks can also be fitted to be firefighting compliant, meaning you are not only buying for quality, cost-efficiency and environmental friendliness in your home, but safety as well.

The modern household is headed in the direction of having in home water tank systems. Why not let your first investment in the rainwater harvesting industry be a premium one?

Rain water tanks are not the item to skimp on. The right tank can have so many benefits – environmental, safeness, and your back pocket – they’re the investment that pays for themselves.

Visit Select Water Tanks at their stand at this year’s Reno Home Show and discover how water preservation can preserve or improve the value of your next build.

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