Outdoor Renos Perfect for Entertaining on Balmy Summer Nights

Outdoor Renos Perfect for Entertaining on Balmy Summer Nights

With the sun sitting higher in the sky and setting later in the evening, high humidity and storms aplenty, this can only mean one thing: mango daiquiris while relaxing on your newly renovated outdoor area… right? Oh, of course, most people just call that summer. When you spend so much of summer dining al fresco and enjoying the warmer weather, it’s only logical to want to spend a little bit of time improving your outdoor area. Read on to discover the top renovations for your outdoor living area that will be perfect for entertaining on warm summer nights.


If you’ve got a deck, veranda or patio, there’s a chance it is starting to look slightly weathered. It’s an easy reno to let fall by the wayside, especially after so long being overlooked during the cooler months. Now is the time to break out the restoration tools, ready for outdoor entertaining.


Bi-fold or French doors that open onto your outdoor area—what a great way to connect the indoors with the outdoors! Panes of glass that open fully are the perfect way to invite the party outdoors and open-up the back of your home.


Now this one isn’t entirely essential, but for those who love entertaining the socks off your guests, how about an external bar? It’s perfect for those who love going above and beyond and it’s also a great renovation project! Don’t forget to stock up on your favourite beverages to fill the shelves with!


What do you get when you combine an alcohol station and an outdoor cooktop? A BARbeque, of course! When the two are joined together, it creates an all-in-one entertaining mega-station. With someone in charge of refreshments and another on snags, you’ve got everything you need to host the perfect party.


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If there’s one thing that can absolutely ruin the mood as the party transitions from afternoon to night, it’s dim lighting. When you notice your guests fumbling around their plates as the sun dips below the horizon, it’s probably a sign you need to upgrade your outdoor lighting! There are so many great options for creating a mood with exterior lighting, from ceiling lights, wall fixtures, rope lights or LED strip lights


Don’t make your guests feel the full-force of the summer heat just because they’re sitting outside! Installing outdoor ceiling fans is a great addition to your entertaining area that will ensure comfortable guests and free-flowing conversation.


Give your guests the most beautiful backdrop to their night with newly restored landscaping to pique their interests. We love dividing the backyard into easily manageable zones, suitable for different people, activities or uses. Maybe your perfect backyard needs a dining area, bar area, sporting area, and zen area.

Bug control

Imagine, your dinner party is (miraculously) going well, the kids are behaving themselves, the food wasn’t burnt and conversation hasn’t drifted to politics. And then a guest finds a big cockroach under their caesar salad lettuce leaf. There’s something about the warmer weather that seems to make critters expect their own seat at the table. Keep those dastardly creepy crawlies away in a stylish way with citronella candles, oil burners and bamboo torches.


When the hard work is finally done and your friends are banging down your doors, it’s finally time to show off the fruits of your labour. And what better way for those over 18yo to celebrate with friends, than with a blender, some frozen fruits and an alcoholic beverage of your choice. Enjoy your outdoor space this summer, knowing you’ve made it the best it can be.

(Feature Image via Fluid Design)

Words by Danielle Grover

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