Meet the Designer Behind Empty Lamps – Custom Timber Lighting

Meet the Designer Behind Empty Lamps – Custom Timber Lighting

The story of Empty Lamps began when Murray Thorpe was working as an electrician on a renovation. Tasked with installing basic BC batten holder lighting, and intrigued by the idea of presenting the filament bulb as the feature, Murray wondered about the potential of working with timber. He was surrounded by carpenters and cabinet makers after all.

Tickets are on sale now | Words by Danielle Grover and Murray Thorpe.

He hit his stride when he combined his love for architectural design and the moody filament bulb together, in an Empty Lamps first. Murray began working with basic timber shapes, alongside his carpenter father and cabinet maker friends, and worked at hiding the fitting, instead showcasing the filament bulb alongside natural timbers.

Ever since that day, Murray has made his living designing custom lights for builders across Brisbane.

How did your business come to be?  

It was borne of a desire to create a beautiful fitting to hold the filament bulb. Working with a familiar, natural product like timber to create fittings to hold the filament bulb just felt right.

What project are you most proud of and why?

Most proud of my two Rings of Saturn lights featuring in the “Belvedere” build in Ascot by Zephyr Industries. The designs stretched my creativity and skillset.

What does your dream home look like and why?

Probably the classic Queenslander look with modern touches. I love high ceilings, natural timbers, voids and a lot of glass so to integrate the classic look with modern luxuries. Ideally on top of a hill overlooking a valley or by the water.

Why should people find you on event days?   

If people have been struggling to find lighting pieces for their renovation or new build they should come by for a chat and to discuss possibilities. I often receive messages from clients who are so happy to have finally found feature lighting. There is a lot of the same stuff out there that so it’s so exciting to find something different.

Also, I’m offering 15% off AND free custom consults!

From where does your passion originate?    

I think my passion lies in the whole creation process. I enjoy being creative on many levels and bringing something from nothing to something is very rewarding.

What motivates you?  

I am motivated to make the most of my time. We never know how long we have in life and time itself can be quite motivating. I try to balance work life, lamp life and just life. It hasn’t always worked out but I’m getting there.  I think the right balance is staying busy while still enjoying your downtime.


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