Get to Know Ben Spencer of Spencer Constructions

Get to Know Ben Spencer of Spencer Constructions

If you are ever lucky enough to meet Ben Spencer, he’ll waste no time in telling you that he has always had a passion for building. Ever since he was young, he was heavily involved in the trade. And now, after running his architectural renovation and new-build company, Spencer Constructions for its eighth consecutive year, he feels more passionate than ever. We sat down to talk with Ben to ask him about a few things on our mind before he returns to exhibit at the Reno + Design Show in April.

Where does your passion originate?

It originated at very young age — as a toddler in fact. My parents were renovating an old Queenslander for years and I was right there beside them. They even gave me a small crowbar to help with the demolition. I loved tools, all kinds of tools, and as I grew up I used those tools to make, craft and build things. I’ve never not had this passion.

What motivates you?

It’s the love I truly have for building that keeps me coming back. I love the transformation process — of taking something and making it something different, better and more beautiful. It’s incredibly satisfying. I also love the satisfaction of delivering on what clients want. It’s very rewarding to be given that opportunity to turn an idea into something they want, need and love.

What renovation are you loving?

I love Queenslanders in all their forms. I would have to say that I love doing the extensive renovations on them — lifts and build-unders —  because they are the most complex and interesting.

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What does your dream home look like and why?

My dream home is a Queenslander. I love the history and tradition of these homes, but my dream home would incorporate modern design into it as well. I love the high ceilings, the wooden floors and the verandas, and to make it mine, I would add an open-plan living area and an extended deck to support the outdoor-indoor feel.

What is your best advice for new renovators?

I recommend that you talk to a builder early in the process! Before you pay for plans to be drawn up, discuss your ideas and budget with a builder. They can advise whether your design, ideas and budget are aligned. They can also advise whether your ideas are feasible, costly or just unrealistic. This advice will save you thousands in the long run, so this needs to happen BEFORE you go and pay for your plans to be drawn up.

What are you most excited for at the Reno + Design Show?

I can’t wait to meet fellow passionate renovators, builders, and hobbyists from the design and build community. 

Thanks for chatting with us, Ben! Don’t miss out on the chance to continue the conversation with him at the 2020 Reno + Design Show. As well as exhibiting, you’ll be able to find him on stage in the conversation zone talking all things construction.



Feature Image by Hannah Puechmarin

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