Meet Belinda Westblade

Meet Belinda Westblade

Do you want to learn about how to create a beautiful designer look for less? Belinda Westblade will be joining our conversation stage this Reno + Design Show to discuss her tips and tricks for upstyling your home décor.

Belinda offers a range of services, from renovation consults, to interior design, decor and construction. She loves helping people to create a home they love with great customised renovations, guaranteeing the best value for money and a style that fits with their lives. She is, first and foremost, a renovation coach who shares her expertise to teach others how to mindfully renovate.

What is your best renovation tip?

‘Be organised from the beginning to end to save you time and money, and keep the big vision in sight to help you stay motivated’

How do you stay eco friendly in your work?

‘I love revamping and up cycling both building materials and furniture. I try to incorporate this into all our renovations. It’s amazing what a coat of paint can do to a tired piece of furniture.’

And when asked for a quick tip on designer looks, she said,

‘look for designer products on sale, at auctions, ends of line etc or look for discount products that look very similar to create the designer look in a medium quality. Never the cheap range.’

Belinda Westblade will be in the Conversation Zone sharing some more great information for budding interior designers who have their hearts set on designer looks, providing some priceless insight on keeping your costs on budget but not looking like it!

At the Conversation Zone, you’ll be able to listen to talks and panels by local exhibitors, influential special guests and renowned industry professionals discussing what’s new and on trend. You can get inspired by the stories of the experts and gain insights into the creative minds of professional renovators. Sit back and relax—there’s a new conversation every thirty minutes!

Tickets are on sale now for the Reno + Design Show, hosted at the Brisbane Showgrounds this April 4th and 5th. Discover a community of home renovators, designers, product suppliers, and tradespeople, as they unite for two days of interactive workshops, insightful talks, beautiful display spaces, and so much more.


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