Interview Series: Meet Republic of Rattan

Interview Series: Meet Republic of Rattan

Who is the Republic of Rattan? 

As our name suggests, Republic of Rattan is where handmade and natural rattan is showcased front and centre.

We strive to continue the legacy of past designers and manufacturers by offering furniture and decor that at once pays homage to generations past and embraces a future in balance with nature. Our furniture range showcases different styles, forms, and functions using materials that nature provides and craftsmanship that only generational experience enables.

For our collections, skilled craftspeople create handmade pieces from natural and renewable materials, like natural rattan, where small variations in colour, texture, and finish enhance the overall aesthetic and celebrate its individuality.

The journey for each piece of furniture, from inception to your home, starts well before the first vine was harvested, deep in the jungles of Indonesia.

Our designers dreamed of exploration in form and function, of sustainable furniture manufacture, and of the instinctive connection that we have with natural materials; and the warmth, calm, and balance they bring to our built environment. Months of research of manufacturing centres, production methods, and styles always returned the same conclusion: we loved natural, handmade, and sustainable rattan and wicker furniture.

What is your best renovation/interior design tip? It’s no coincidence that entering a room decorated with natural materials instantly whisks our minds away to the nearest beach, forest, or special place of contemplation. Using natural materials creates a warm aesthetic that makes any space inviting.

What is your favourite interiors style? Mixing and matching existing decor with key pieces in natural rattan will achieve that natural aesthetic that invites relaxation and seems to make the weekend days closer!

Why you do what you do? Nothing gives us more pleasure than to see our beautiful furniture sitting proudly in clients homes, verandas, patios, and balconies.

What inspires you? Walks on the beach, the smell of the sea, the sound of a waterfall, and sketching natures lines on paper.

What tips would you give to others trying to keep costs low? Some people feel that you need to fill an entire space with natural products to achieve that coastal, Hamptons, french country or boho vibe. In reality, adding a few key pieces to your existing decor will achieve the same goals.

What are your best colour selection tips? Don’t let colour and textures get in the way of your vision. Using a scatter cushion with bold flowers will do wonders without overwhelming the overall aesthetic, if strong colour is the vibe you’re looking for.

How do you stay eco-friendly within your work? We decided early on that showcasing low-volume designs produced from renewable materials would guide our ethos. We want to be able to offer clients furniture that is produce with that same ethos in mind.

Why should people come find you on exhibiting days? Republic of Rattan exists to showcase natural, hand-made furniture. Our hope is that our new collections will surprise and inspire with the many ways these natural materials can enhance their homes and projects.

Come meet the wonderful team at Republic of Rattan at the Reno Home Show this July. They’ll be waiting at stand A56 for you!

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