Easy Home Renovations You Can Do Yourself

Easy Home Renovations You Can Do Yourself

We all love the idea of making our homes absolutely perfect. We’ve compiled some of the best DIY renovation tips so you can get your independent renovator hat on and start making those changes yourself.

1. Brighten up your entrance

A quick splash of paint can transform any dark and dull front-door into one that will be admired by all your neighbours. If you’re feeling uninspired, check out Porter’s Paints for some stunning pigment options. Once you’re happy with the colour and finish, complete the job with some new Barben Architectural Hardware door handles and some delightful potted plants. If one day of work can improve your street appeal so dramatically, why wouldn’t you?

2. Update bathroom fittings

When you choose a brand as divine as Scandiluxe, your hardest choice will be between raw and luxe for the towel and hand towel railings. The natural wooden accents will bring natural beauty of timber into your home and the refreshed look will put your busy hands at ease.

 Donna Delaney Prints
Image via Donna Delaney Prints
3. Revamp your walls

The look of any room can be updated with the simple addition of some artwork. If you’re after the touch of beautiful bright paintings, check out the artist behind Chris Riley Art. And if prints are more your style, the stunning photographic prints by Donna Delaney Prints are a must see!

4. Dress up your yard

If your outdoor area is anything but relaxing, maybe it would be worthwhile spending a couple of hours changing it up. For a patch of grass that just doesn’t seem to grow, try grabbing some thick stone pavers and place them on the ground to create a stepping stone path. Surround that with some smooth loose gravel and you’ve transformed that eyesore to a feature in no time at all.

5. Hang a cabinet

Don’t let a messy bathroom get between you and a good day. If you’ve got a stud finder, a level and a drill, you can have a medicine cabinet installed yourself in a jiffy. The extra storage will do wonders for your crowded bathroom countertop and that extra mirror can solve a few tiffs in the early morning rush.

No more excuses; it’s time to get renovating! With these simple DIY tricks, you’ll be on your way to the most perfect home for you in no time.

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Words by Danielle Grover

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