Designs Enhancing Life with dion seminara architecture

Designs Enhancing Life with dion seminara architecture

With over 30 years of experience in residential design, including renovations, custom new builds, bespoke luxury residences, Dion Seminara of dion seminara architecture has rightfully earned his place as a leading home design Brisbane architect. And with a core focus on ensuring sustainability—environmentally, socially and economically— DSA utilises design to enhance their clients’ living environments.

Since its inception in 1993, dion seminara architecture has steadily grown in both size and stature into the leading firm that it is today. Their experience with residential and commercial design has earned Dion a reputation as one of Brisbane’s specialists in architectural lifestyle, interior and landscape design. Now after more than 25 years in operation and with over 900 projects completed, Dion and his team are on the lookout for their next big project.

Sustainability is not only being eco-friendly; installing water tanks and connecting solar panels to your home—while important—are not the only elements to look out for. Being sustainable means designing and renovating your home to fit not only your lifestyle, but the area in which your home is situated. Through Dion’s work, he takes into consideration all aspects of passive design including natural breezes, good light and elemental protection, all with the key focus of using design to enhance sub-tropical living.

From the venturi effect, the layout of your home, considering where from the sun rises and sets, to the temperature of the rooms in your home, Dion considers these things and more, designing specifically for your exact location. As an added benefit, designing for these things can also save renovators thousands on expenses from cheaper bills and cheaper maintenance in the long run.

‘A dream home to us is one with a well-considered response to climate, good indoor and outdoor flow, street appeal, a garden that connects indoor to outdoor, robust materials, screening that refracts light in different ways and has a high-level attention to detail all throughout.’

DSA design for all their clients’ lifestyle needs. Learning each client’s needs and uncovering a long-term goal that will benefit them in the long run motivates them to continue growing. They ensure you are looking at everything that your home needs to make it a better space to live and connect in.

When it comes to home improvement, advice from a professional is priceless. You’ll be able to connect with Dion at the 2020 Reno + Design Show when we celebrate the very best the industry has to offer. The smallest of details can make the world of difference and Dion will ensure you are renovating for sustaining your lifestyle.

Come see Dion and the team at the Brisbane Showgrounds on the 13th and 14th of March, 2021 at the Reno + Design Show!

Grab your tickets now!

Words by Danielle Grover

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