Headliner: The Undercover Architect, Amelia Lee

Headliner: The Undercover Architect, Amelia Lee

Want to develop your home reno know-how? Amelia Lee is the architect with over 25 years of experience, who is behind the online resource Undercover Architect. Including blogs, podcasts and online courses filled to the brim with Amelia’s priceless knowledge and expertise, it is an educational platform designed to help save you time and money on your home design, build or renovation. It is with great excitement that we can finally announce that Amelia Lee will be returning to the Reno + Design Show in 2020 and will be sharing exclusive, behind-the-scenes knowledge, featuring tips from her hugely sought after online resource, Undercover Architect!

She has joined the prestigious ranks of speakers hosting an informative conversation zone talk for visitors of the Reno + Design Show. Not only that, but for a few lucky ticket-holders, she will also be running intimate, hands-on workshops, dedicated to getting you the most out of your renovation investment.

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Having worked on over 250 projects as an architect across Brisbane, Sydney and London, Amelia has the comprehensive experience and industry knowledge you would expect. Amelia was the main driving force behind the home builds that spanned her twenty-five-year career. It was only after giving birth to her first child though, that she experienced what it was like to be a mother with a baby on her hip whose voice was ignored by the workers on site. This opened her eyes as to what the typical homeowner regularly experiences with their projects and she decided she wanted to do something about it.

So, she started an education revolution.

“I’m on a mission to teach you what you need to know, so you don’t have to make mistakes that can cost time, money and cause mountains of stress as you build your future home.”

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(LTR) Duayne Pearce, Amelia Lee and MC, Victoria Carthew discuss the importance of team collaboration.

She describes her online resource as what you need to avoid being overwhelmed, bamboozled or misled on a job site, and increase feeling supported and in control. She provides you with the information you need so that you can be an empowered, savvy homeowner, able to confidently claim your rights.

“Your home is the place you share and celebrate with family and friends, make memories, relax and enjoy. You, the homeowner, are the key to unlocking what’s possible for your home.”

For Amelia, design isn’t about wow-factor. It’s about how your home feels to you and how you feel in your home. Her goal is to help homeowners educate themselves, and be someone who can reclaim their home design and get exactly what they pay for. Ensuring renovators have the means to explicitly communicate what they want and how they will achieve that is of utmost importance to her.

Don’t miss Amelia Lee at the 2020 Reno + Design Show. 


Words by Danielle Grover

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