Headliner: The House Detective

Headliner: The House Detective

Marianne Taylor is an architectural historian who investigates the history of houses and reveals the secrets of the people who lived there.

When was it built? Who built it? Who lived there? Are there any old photos of it? Did it have a name? To try to answer these questions and many more, she transforms into a detective — visiting archives, searching the net, examining the house itself and chasing down any leads she comes across.

‘What I do know is that every house, no matter how humble or how old, has a wonderful story just waiting to be told!’ says Taylor. 

She has over ten years of experience as a historian, primarily focused on architectural history, and over 12 years of experience in the heritage industry, including 3 years as Heritage Strategist with Queensland Rail managing over 500 heritage places, tunnels, and bridges; and 3 years as Senior Heritage Officer with EPA/DERM (now Dept of Environment and Science: DES). She has also received the Helen Taylor Research Award for her Brisbane Retro project, researching and documenting Brisbane’s post-war houses.

Would you like to solve the mystery of your house’s history? Get the House Detective on the case! From grand mansions to humble cottages, every house has a fascinating story just waiting to be discovered! 

If you would like to meet the architectural historian behind the House Detective, join us at the Reno + Design Show this August. Come along and find out how The House Detective reveals the secret history of homes and the people who lived in them, hear about some of the stories she has uncovered and the important things to consider when renovating old houses.

Tickets are on sale now for the Reno + Design Show, hosted at the Brisbane Showgrounds this August 29th and 30th. Discover a community of home renovators, designers, product suppliers, and tradespeople, as they unite for two days of interactive workshops, insightful talks, beautiful display spaces, and so much more.

Make sure you keep an eye on our weekly newsletters to discover exactly what time you’ll be able to find Marianne Taylor, The House Detective, at the Reno + Design Show.

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