Headliner: Lee Talbot of MavenHOME

Headliner: Lee Talbot of MavenHOME

Interior Architect & Designer Lee Talbot is the creative behind MavenHOME, the visual design house.

Lee’s workshop tickets are on sale now! Click the link to buy tickets.

Talbot’s career as an interior architect began seventeen years ago. After studying at UNSW, she began in an undergraduate position at an architectural firm. Since then, she has lived in Hollywood, London and Sydney, poring her creative expression into corporate, retail, residential and hospitality interiors. As a passionate mother of four, she found that her career has organically flowed into residential design. This has followed a very natural progression, considering that the beating heart of her creativity lies in within shaping her own home.

Talbot is a big believer in the old-school design process; for her, nothing beats pencil and paper. She hand-sketches and makes models of her designs. While the architectural industry has often been critiqued for its mass-produced approach, Talbot believes in bringing design back to its roots with an emphasis on the traditional process. From developing the overall style and schematic of your space to executing the finer textural details and materiality, Lee and her Mavens handle all design-related areas with careful thought and purpose. They help you to refine your ideas and offer guidance on how to filter, enhance, and translate them into a unique interior that is completely reflective of your taste and personalities. 

We are so excited to welcome Lee Talbot to the Workshop Zone this Reno + Design Show! She will be running interactive, hands-on moodboard masterclasses, sharing her secrets on establishing a strong design direction by developing your concept and managing it through to completion. Her exclusive, once only session will be held on Saturday the 4th at the Reno + Design Show, with limited seats.

It will focus on textural details and materiality and creating your own interior mood board & palette. Her multi-disciplinary approach will help you create an on-trend design that mirrors your soul and challenges the expected and traditionally mundane. It will also provide you the opportunity to meet with Lee to discuss your own project & new home/design concepts. This workshop has been gathered using all the techniques Lee has learnt and applied throughout her 17 years of
practicing Interior Design.

You’ll walk away with your mood-board, tray, materials used, endless inspiration and specialist advice from one of the best in the industry. We’ll provide everything you’ll need to create your mood board, lots of design tips and strategies, coffee and tea, snacks and loads of fun with like-minded people!

If you’re planning to renovate, decorate or simply want to refresh the look of your home, then this masterclass is for you!

If you are wanting to attend the incredible class run by Lee herself, grab your workshop tickets at this link. Spots are very limited.

Visit the Reno + Design Show, hosted at the Brisbane Showgrounds, this August 29th and 30th where you’ll discover a community of home renovators, designers, product suppliers, and tradespeople, uniting for two days of interactive workshops, insightful talks, beautiful display spaces, and so much more.

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