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Conversation Zone

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The conversations series will include talks and panels from top exhibitors, influential renovators and industry professionals discussing what’s new and on trend. Get inspired by the experts and gain insights into the minds of professional renovators.



9:30am  |  Learn from the Real Life Renovators

with Cindy Mead @reno.diary, Brooke Simmonds @burleighbungalow and Alycia Chapman @renovatingqueenslanders

Meet the Real Life Renovators, Cindy, Brooke and Alycia talking us through their home knock-downs and rebuilds, and the knowledge they gained during their experiences. They’ll be sharing the renovating tips and tricks, things they wished they had known before they had started, and some fun stories about their own renovations.

10:00am  | Get the Look – Simple, Beautiful and Handmade Interiors

with Scandiluxe, The Flooring Co. and Innovate Interiors


10:30am  |  How to Create a Sustainable Home

with Amelia Lee, Founder of Undercover Architect

11:00am  |  How to Achieve a Designer Look in Your Home

with Ania Forster and Kasia Clarke, Founders of Zephyr + Stone

11:30 am  | Experts In Building Panel

with Paul Butterworth, Charles Warren and others

A panel where you can discuss your most pressing building questions with the experts.

12:00pm  |  How to Start a Garden and Create a Liveable Outdoor Space 

with Charlie Albone, Better Homes and Gardens’ Resident Landscaper and Founder of  Inspired Exteriors

Landscape designer and host on Better Homes and Gardens, Charlie Albone will join the conversation stage to discuss how to get started when designing your garden and the steps involved when building your outdoor area. He will also discuss how to ensure your outdoor space is an extension of your your indoor space.

12:30pm  |  Trends on Kitchen and Bathroom

with Kitchens and Bathrooms Quarterly and O’Shea Builders

1:00pm  |  What I’ve Learned and Loved From my Own Home Reno

with Jen Bishop, Editor of Interiors Addict

As an interiors addict with no interiors qualifications, renovating does not come as easily to Jen as some might think! Luckily she knows a lot of people who know much more than her, but she has learned a lot from getting stuck into transforming her current and previous home. In this talk, Jen shares her biggest lessons as a real life rookie renovator, and what she has learned, and loved, along the way. Jen will share photos of, and products used in her home, and why they worked.

1:30pm  |  The Initial Steps Involved in Renovating

with Ben Spencer, Owner of Spencer Constructions

Ben will discuss the first and vital steps involved in renovating. Taking these steps will help to ensure that you get what you want and it almost always involving engaging a builder early in the process. Getting the order correct at the beginning is going to save you money. Invest in taking the time to research the most important initial steps to ensure a trouble free build.

2:00pm  |  How to Design a Garden That Suits Your Home and Add Value to Your Property

with Charlie Albone, Better Homes and Gardens’ Resident Landscaper and Founder of  Inspired Exteriors

Landscape designer and host on Better Homes and Gardens, Charlie Albone will discuss how to design an outdoor space to suit your home, connecting with the architecture and colours of your house.

2:30pm  |  Connecting Homes with Landscapes Through Intentional Design

with Rebecca Farrow, Founder of Elska Interiors; and Kate Hewish, Founder of Horte Couture

With our ever improving capabilities to industrialize the world we live in, we have become adept at moving nature aside to make way for the built environment. However data now shows us that our innate biological connection to nature has an overwhelmingly positive affect on our health and happiness. As creators of the spaces we live in, designers have the opportunity to help you create a home with intent, to reconnect with nature and improve the way you feel every day. Come and listen as we share our insights and strategies to invite nature back into your home and life.


3:00pm  |  The Importance of Choosing the Right Team to Achieve a Cohesive Outcome

with Ben Spencer from Spencer Constructions, Thomas Papasavas from Thomas & Spencer Kitchens, and Christopher Gyzemyter from CG Design Studio

This panel is made up of a team that often works together on projects. Each business brings its own expertise and experience to a project and cannot stress enough the importance of choosing the right team to achieve a cohesive outcome when renovating. Any project becomes a collaboration between the clients and businesses, who are entrusted to convert a client’s ideas and vision into a stunning end-product. This outcome can be so easily derailed if the team chosen is not aligned with that same vision, values, service and expertise.

3:30pm  | Insights From a Buyer’s Agent — Renovation for Resale

with Jacob Butler, Buyer’s Agent for Hunter Gather

Jacob Butler is a buyers’ agent and the founder of premium agency Hunter Gather. With a proven track record in the real estate industry, he worked in both sales and buyers’ advocacy, and a recent finalist in the REB awards for Rising Star.




9:30am  |  The Importance of Building a Collaborative Team From the Start

with Amelia Lee, Founder of Undercover Architect

Architect Amelia Lee will be discussing the importance of team collaboration from the very start, in order to have a successful, on-budget, project.

10:00am  | Second Home Buying

with Jayne Robbins, Buyer’s Agent at The Informed Buyer

When it comes to up-sizing or buying the second home, what are the considerations that are most often forgotten?  No matter what style or condition your next purchase, these are the things that will save you time and money in ensuring the purchase is right for you


10:30am | Zephyr + Stone in Conversation with Bremworth discussing ways to create a healthy home

with Ania Forster and Kasia Clarke, Founders of Zephyr + Stone; and Bremworth


11:00am  |  Researching the History of Your House

with Marianne Taylor, Founder of The House Detective

From a grand mansion to a humble cottage, every house has a fascinating tale just waiting to be told. Come along and find out how The House Detective reveals the secret history of homes and the people who lived in them. Hear about some of the stories she has uncovered and the important things to consider when renovating old houses.

11:30am  |  The Evolution of Home Design and Style

with Lucy Glade-Wright, Director of Hunting for George; and Lachlan Grand, Managing Director of Happy Haus

Lucy Glade-Wright and her co-host, Lachlan Grant of Happy Haus, will share their passion for home styling and architectural design. They’ll discuss the evolution of home design and style, analysing the progression over the last ten years to now. Their conversation will also focus on how home styling and design changes upon personal evolution such as starting and growing a family.

12:00pm  |  How to Buy Your First Home 

with Katherine Persoglia, Founder of Property Before Prada

Looking to buy your first home and don’t know where to start? Property finance expert and mastermind behind Property Before Prada, Katherine Persoglia will be discussing everything you need to know about home loans and all the documents needed to buy your first property.

12:30pm  |  How to Style Your Home with Kerrie-Ann Jones

with Kerrie-Ann Jones, Style Director & Interiors Editor

1:00pm  | Only worth it in the end? How to Have An Enjoyable Renovation Experience

with Prince Seeva, Founding and Managing Director of Comoda Design & Renovation

With over 20 years in the industry, Founding and Manager Director, Prince, knows first hand what makes for an enjoyable renovation experience. As a team, they put to rest the traditional idea of renovating as ‘only being worth it in the end’ and share their top tips for getting your vision delivered without costing your sanity.

1:30pm  | Form, Function and Style

With Polytec

2:00pm  | Learn from the Real Life Renovators

with the Reno Gals, Holly Docherty and Angie Lonergan; and Grace Donnell of @whitecottagelane

2:30pm  |  The Journey From University Graduates to Lecturers in Design

with Nina Starkey and Michele Wake, Lecturers at Billy Blue College of Design at Torrens University Australia